Book Cover Image of The Dead Man’s Wife (Coletti Novels) by Solomon Jones

The Dead Man’s Wife (Coletti Novels)
by Solomon Jones

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    Publication Date: Oct 16, 2012
    List Price: Unavailable
    Format: Hardcover, 304 pages
    Classification: Fiction
    ISBN13: 9781250006448
    Imprint: Minotaur Books
    Publisher: Minotaur Books
    Parent Company: Minotaur Books

    Hardcover Description:

    A diabolical story about marriage gone awry?The next thrilling novel in the all-new Colletti series from acclaimed author Solomon JonesShe’s a cop-turned defense lawyer. Her husband is a research scientist. She lives in a half-million-dollar home. Yet on this night, Andrea Wilson?a woman who seemingly has everything?awakens to a living nightmare. Her husband Paul is dead, she’s covered in his blood, and the police are banging on her door. Andrea doesn’t remember what happened, but she knows how it looks. With just a split second to make a choice, Andrea decides to run, and in doing so, risks everything in an attempt to clear her name.Enter Detective Mike Coletti. He and Andrea shared a relationship once. Now all they share is the chase. As Andrea races to prove her innocence and Coletti struggles to track her down, they each uncover clues about the mystery of Paul’s death. Along the way, Andrea uncovers the biggest mystery of all: Is her husband actually still alive?

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