Book Cover Image of Destroyer of Light by Jennifer Marie Brissett

Destroyer of Light
by Jennifer Marie Brissett

    Publication Date: Mar 07, 2023
    List Price: $17.99
    Format: Paperback, 304 pages
    Classification: Fiction
    ISBN13: 9781250268631
    Imprint: Tor Books
    Publisher: Macmillan Publishers
    Parent Company: Holtzbrinck Publishing Group

    Paperback Description:

    The Matrix meets an Afro-futuristic retelling of Persephone set in a science fiction underworld of aliens, refugees, and genetic engineering in Jennifer Marie Brissett’s Destroyer of Light

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    Having destroyed Earth, the alien conquerors resettle the remains of humanity on the planet of Eleusis. In the four habitable areas of the planet—Day, Dusk, Dawn, and Night—the haves and have nots, criminals and dissidents, and former alien conquerors irrevocably bind three stories:

    *A violent warlord abducts a young girl from the agrarian outskirts of Dusk leaving her mother searching and grieving.
    *Genetically modified twin brothers desperately search for the lost son of a human/alien couple in a criminal underground trafficking children for unknown purposes.
    *A young woman with inhuman powers rises through the insurgent ranks of soldiers in the borderlands of Night.

    Their stories, often containing disturbing physical and sexual violence, skate across years, building to a single confrontation when the fate of all—human and alien—balances upon a knife’s-edge.