Book Cover Image of Afropessimism by Frank B. Wilderson III

by Frank B. Wilderson III

    Publication Date: Sep 28, 2021
    List Price: $18.95
    Format: Paperback, 368 pages
    Classification: Nonfiction
    ISBN13: 9781324090519
    Imprint: Liveright Publishing Corporation
    Publisher: Liveright Publishing Corporation
    Parent Company: Liveright Publishing Corporation

    Paperback Description:

    Praised as “a trenchant, funny, and unsparing work of memoir and philosophy” —Aaron Robertson, Literary Hub

    Frank B. Wilderson’s Afropessimism arrived at a moment when protests against police brutality once again swept the nation. Presenting an argument we can no longer ignore, Wilderson insists that we must view Blackness through the lens of perpetual slavery. Radical in conception, remarkably poignant, and with soaring flights of memoir, Afropessimism reverberates with wisdom and painful clarity in the fractured world we inhabit. “Wilderson’s ambitious book offers its readers two great gifts. First, it strives mightily to make its pessimistic vision plausible… . Second, the book depicts a remarkable life, lived with daring and sincerity.&rldquo; —Paul C. Taylor, Washington Post