Book Cover Image of Living to Tell the Tale by Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Living to Tell the Tale
by Gabriel Garcia Marquez

    Publication Date: Nov 04, 2003
    List Price: $26.95
    Format: Hardcover, 483 pages
    Classification: Fiction
    ISBN13: 9781400041343
    Imprint: Knopf
    Publisher: Penguin Random House
    Parent Company: Bertelsmann

    Hardcover Description:

    In this long-awaited first volume of a planned trilogy, the most acclaimed and revered living Nobel laureate begins to tell us the story of his life.

    Like all his work, Living to Tell the Tale is a magnificent piece of writing. It spans Gabriel Garc a M rquez’s life from his birth in 1927 through the start of his career as a writer to the moment in the 1950s when he proposed to the woman who would become his wife. It has the shape, the quality, and the vividness of a conversation with the reader—a tale of people, places, and events as they occur to him: the colorful stories of his eccentric family members; the great influence of his mother and maternal grandfather; his consuming career in journalism, and the friends and mentors who encouraged him; the myths and mysteries of his beloved Colombia; personal details, undisclosed until now, that would appear later, transmuted and transposed, in his fiction; and, above all, his fervent desire to become a writer. And, as in his fiction, the narrator here is an inspired observer of the physical world, able to make clear the emotions and passions that lie at the heart of a life—in this instance, his own.

    Living to Tell the Tale is a radiant, powerful, and beguiling memoir that gives us the formation of Gabriel Garc a M rquez as a writer and as a man.

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