Book Cover Image of My Sunday Best: Pearls of Wisdom, Wit, Grace, and Style by La Verne Ford Wimberly

My Sunday Best: Pearls of Wisdom, Wit, Grace, and Style
by La Verne Ford Wimberly

    Publication Date: Mar 21, 2023
    List Price: $24.99
    Format: Hardcover, 224 pages
    Classification: Nonfiction
    ISBN13: 9781400237746
    Imprint: Thomas Nelson
    Publisher: Thomas Nelson
    Parent Company: Thomas Nelson

    Hardcover Description:

    After posting selfies in her Sunday best for fifty-two consecutive weeks during the pandemic, octogenarian Dr. La Verne Ford Wimberly became a viral sensation during Easter 2021, appearing everywhere from the Washington Post to CNN to Fox News.

    “People from all over the world have said my Sunday selfies and words of encouragement have blessed and inspired them. Who would have thought photos of an eighty-two-year-old church lady in a hat and Bible verses could do such a thing?”

    On March 29, 2020, when her church switched to online services because of coronavirus, Dr. La Verne Ford Wimberly couldn’t imagine watching the service in her robe. So, she did what she’s always done; she put on a beautiful outfit, matching hat, and accessories and got ready for church. Dr. Wimberly, a self-declared social media junkie, thought “it would be fun to snap a selfie and post it on Facebook with a scripture verse and an inspirational message. I’d let folks know I was ready for worship and encourage them to do the same. This was my way to brighten their spirits—and mine—and stay connected during a time of sudden isolation and despair for many people.”

    Underneath her "crown" and church finery is a wise, warm, and witty octogenarian who’s still committed to the same values she learned in childhood:

    • faith in God and country,
    • devotion to family,
    • keeping a positive attitude,
    • a life of service,
    • thinking before you act,
    • living life to the fullest, and
    • the golden rule.

    As a career educator who faithfully and lovingly served students, their families, and her community for decades, encouraging and uplifting others is part of Dr. Wimberly’s DNA. In My Sunday Best, you’ll be cheered by the stories and lessons from a life well-lived and find yourself asking, How can I inspire someone today and encourage myself too?