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Faith In The Fire: Wisdom For Life
by Gardner C. Taylor

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    Format: Hardcover, 200 pages
    Classification: Nonfiction
    ISBN13: 9781401929626
    Imprint: SmileyBooks
    Publisher: Hay House
    Parent Company: Hay House
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    “Waiting on God is difficult. We have not been promised a smooth voyage, but God does promise us a safe landing. . . . We want to comfortably rest on placid waters . . . but, we are called to bitter trials. . . . Patience means waiting. How do we wait? Patience is not a do-nothing policy. Especially when we are passing through hard places. . . .” In Faith in the Fire, civil rights activist and social-justice pioneer Dr. Gardner Taylor shares the inspirational wisdom gained throughout his extraordinary career as one of America’s most legendary and beloved preachers. The treasures collected here will inspire readers to pause and reflect on their lives and faith. Contained in this volume are Dr. Taylor’s observations, reflections, and teachings on subjects ranging from fear and faith to politics and integrity to wisdom and laughter. Each chapter’s eloquent messages have been selected to engage readers and support their deeper spiritual inquiry. Faith in the Fire’s exquisite gift-book-with-original-CD format, featuring Tavis Smiley’s conversation with Dr. Taylor, makes it both a wonderful introduction for those new to his work and a welcomed treasure for those who celebrate his enduring legacy.

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