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The Lion’s Brood: The Story of Hannibal
by Rafael Scott

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    Format: Paperback, 180 pages
    Classification: Fiction
    ISBN13: 9781413712605
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    Book Description:
    It is 238 B.C. The First Punic War has ended and dark times have befallen the great African empire of Carthage. The struggle with Rome for domination of the Mediterranean has left the Carthaginians with shrinking provincial territories and increasing tributes to their merciless northern enemies… the Romans. The famed Carthaginian General Hamilcar Barca has sworn to never give in to these conquerors… and to destroy Rome at all costs. His eldest son, Hannibal, shall be his weapon. At the age of nine, Hannibal is torn from his tight circle of brothers and whisked away to study the strategies of warfare with his father in the distant land of Hispania. And over the next twenty years, a warrior is fashioned… a warrior is born. Two men in history brought the Roman Empire to their knees. One was the son of a carpenter. The other was the son of Hamilcar. This is the story of the greatest military strategist that ever lived… Hannibal.

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