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PerSOULnalities: Poems for Every Kind of Man
by Heather Covington

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    List Price: $17.50
    Format: Paperback, 216 pages
    Classification: Poetry
    ISBN13: 9781414022024
    Imprint: Disilgold
    Publisher: Disilgold
    Parent Company: Disilgold
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    The sequel to Heather Covington’s PerSOULnalities poetry book series is back, but this time it’s for men, or is it? Watch womanizing men get trapped in another oceanic thrill ride of hit and run "murderotic" love poems that are sexy, lukewarm and down right cold. The poetic novella breaks out on the cusp of Heather Covington’s good-bye tributes to yesterday’s failed and abusive romances in dire empathy for today’s woman who has suffered a heartbreak situation from male persoulnalities, but there is a twist as memories of current and classic R+B hits of yesteryear and H.C.’s dangerous poetry are infused to restore every woman’s soul while "BAD BOYS" get a dose of their own medicine! This melodic melange cleverly intoxicates and hypnotizes even the most upright male persoulnality to stay committed to the woman in his life or receive a serious poetical whiplash from H.C., the alter ego of today’s black woman. Don’t be surprised if Heather’s poems have you wanting to sing away the blues and say hello to "REAL LOVE". THE 1ST POETICAL SELF-HELP RELATIONSHIP BOOK IS BORN & DANGEROUS! Ladies read it before he does!"The sensuality is there, but yet, a revenge ful motif." Tony Medina, Author of Love to Langston, Deshawn Days, + editor of Bum Rush The Page."Read and look. Find yourself here. Do something about the male condition with this wonderful and honest book." Dale Benjamin Drakeford, Author of "Just Poem a capella"

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