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Trilogy Moments for the Mind, Body, and Soul
by Joseph S. Spence, Sheila M. Parrish-Spence, and Jonathan Clarence Parrish-Spence

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    Format: Paperback, 187 pages
    Classification: Poetry
    ISBN13: 9781424152490
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    A Poetic Master Piece for Exceptional Readers!!! This is a poetic masterpiece, by an extraordinary family of authors, for everyone to enjoy. It is crafted for the readers to gain insight regarding the essence of inspirational poetry, tranquility for the soul, and connection with the body and mind. The Spence family believes that poetry is a vehicle for upliftment of the spirit, and that poetry raises a person’s level of consciousness to a higher level of awareness while stimulating the mind in many ways. This philosophy is embedded within the poems of this masterpiece. Joseph expresses his poetry and thoughts in an exceptional way and appeals to different cultures through his enlightening poetic words. Sheila, a practicing attorney and a college faculty, demonstrates her unique blend of reflective poetry into the soul with her technique and blend of wisdom and knowledge. Jonathan, their youngest son, inspires others in his unique fashion. He uses the violin to motivate, acting to stimulate, martial arts to inspire, and poetry to elevate others. He is certainly an inspiration to many youth.

    Trilogy Moments for the Mind, Body and Soul brings a unique poetic blend of tranquility, self awareness, and spirituality from life experiences. It introduces the Epulaeryu poetic form which tantalizes the taste buds from home cooking to exotic dishes. The Epulaeryu is being enjoyed by many across the globe as they write about their most unique and delicious dishes. Trilogy Moments has a variety of poetic forms reflecting on love, family relationships, romance, world travels, succulent dishes, the seasons, spirituality, and inspirational thoughts for the reader to experience a new height in poetry. The combination of poetic talents by the authors (Joseph-husband, Sheila-wife and Jonathan-teenage son) has something for readers of all ages in a diversity of cultures. The authors take the readers on a journey to a new height of experiences in poetry and life-long reflections that stimulate the mind, body and soul.

    The Spence family of authors is truly inspiring as a poetic team of mother, father and son. They have touched the spirits of many with their elevating, stimulating, and inspiring words of poetry and prose for the mind, body and soul. Their poetic recitals in various venues and forums have earned praise and accolades from many. Reading this book is a must. It’s a gem to keep and cherish. In a time when families are being torn apart due to societal pressures, this is one family that has blended its creative thinking and writing for the world to see and follow. This book is and will continue to be a blessing to many for years to come. Get your copy now!