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The Chronicles of a Gentleman (The Untold Truth)
by Leroy Sanders

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    ’I'm here to show you a few things that will enable you to have any woman you desire. Race creed and color don't matter. It's not complicated’ I will show you exactly what to say and what not to say. I will also show you how to approach a woman confidently. I will even show you how to deal effectively with women that have attitudes

    While it's a given that women are not meant to be understood, there are some rules that apply to all women, no matter what race or age group they fall in’ In the chapters ahead, I will outline the rules and their importance’

    Do not mistake the contents of this book. It's not meant to teach men how to be layers' My goal is to help men gain a better understanding about the opposite sex, thus allowing them to establish more fruitful relationships.’
    ’Excerpted from the Introduction (page i-ii)