Book Cover Image of Dead on Arrival by Kiki Swinson

Dead on Arrival
by Kiki Swinson

    Publication Date: Mar 31, 2020
    List Price: $7.99
    Format: Mass Market Paperback, 304 pages
    Classification: Fiction
    ISBN13: 9781496712783
    Imprint: Dafina
    Publisher: Kensington Publishing Corp.
    Parent Company: Kensington Publishing Corp.

    Mass Market Paperback Description:

    Kiki Swinson delivers startling twists, unforgettable characters—and a stark, portrait of life in the South. Now she detonates an explosive tale about a couple who can’t get enough—and a risk that will exact a merciless price …

    Nobody will get hurt
    Dawn and Reese Spencer just can’t get ahead. Between her desperate desire to start a family and his gambling debts, they barely keep afloat, even with well-paying Norfolk International port jobs. But their calculating co-worker has the perfect plan: help him smuggle containers of human cargo past U.S. Customs.

    Nobody will know
    For Dawn, risking the innocent lives of undocumented immigrants is unthinkable. But Reese persuades her that no one will get hurt. And once things proceed without a hitch and money starts rolling in, the Spencers are sure their dreams are about to come true …

    Nobody will live to tell
    Until several immigrants turn up dead on arrival. Until Reese bets more than he can ever repay. Now the Feds and cold-blooded loan sharks are closing in … as the real brains behind the operation start killing off loose ends …

    "Readers know immediately that they’re in for high suspense … The human-trafficking theme also makes for a thought-provoking, topical crime tale rich in memorable choices and consequences."

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