Book Cover Image of The Phoenix on Barkley Street by Zetta Elliott

The Phoenix on Barkley Street
by Zetta Elliott

    Publication Date: Aug 26, 2014
    List Price: $7.00
    Format: Paperback, 68 pages
    Classification: Fiction
    Target Age Group: Middle Grade
    ISBN13: 9781500589400
    Imprint: Rosetta Press
    Publisher: Rosetta Press
    Parent Company: Rosetta Press

    Paperback Description:

    Best friends Carlos and Tariq love their block, but Barkley Street has started to change. The playground has been taken over by older boys, which leaves Carlos and Tariq with no place to call their own. They decide to turn the yard of an abandoned brownstone into their secret hang-out spot. Carlos and Tariq soon discover, however, that the overgrown yard is already occupied by an ancient phoenix! When the Pythons try to claim the yard for their gang, the magical bird gives the friends the courage to make a stand against the bullies who threaten to ruin their beloved neighborhood.

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