Book Cover Image of I Wish My Dad: The Power of Vulnerable Conversations Between Fathers and Sons by Romal J. Tune

I Wish My Dad: The Power of Vulnerable Conversations Between Fathers and Sons
by Romal J. Tune

    Publication Date: Oct 11, 2022
    List Price: $27.99
    Format: Hardcover, 272 pages
    Classification: Nonfiction
    ISBN13: 9781506481579
    Imprint: Broadleaf Books
    Publisher: 1517 Media
    Parent Company: Evangelical Lutheran Church in America

    Hardcover Description:

    I Wish My Dad …: what a simple way to start a sentence. But those four words hold the power to heal wounds men may not even know they carry.

    From author, speaker, and social entrepreneur Romal Tune and his son, Jordan, comes this tour de force for fathers and sons about healing the unfinished business between them. What do sons wish they had received from their fathers? What might honest, healing conversations between fathers and sons look like?

    Tune was raised mostly without a father. He and his dad connected briefly when he was a teenager, and then had no relationship for decades. After years of inner work via therapy and faith, Tune realized that neither he nor his dad possessed what they needed to live up to each other’s expectations. He began to wonder if other men also longed to have vulnerable conversations with their fathers—about good memories, about pain, and about what their relationship could still become.

    So he sat down with seventeen men of diverse ages, ethnicities, and socioeconomic backgrounds for I Wish My Dad conversations. In the pages of this book, he invites us into the room as the men unpack relationships with their fathers, learn to work through emotional pain, recount moments of tenderness and care, and describe risks they took to heal and connect with their fathers. Tune also offers us strategies and prompts for initiating our own I Wish My Dad conversations. And with no pretense, he and Jordan recount their own I Wish My Dad interview, which helped them chart the way toward a transformed relationship.

    I Wish My Dad helps fathers, and their sons move through the past to find deep connection in the present. The lessons in these pages will free us to have—and become—the kind of dad we wish for.