Book Cover Image of This Game Ain’t New To Me by Cali

This Game Ain’t New To Me
by Cali

Publication Date: Mar 02, 2015
List Price: $9.99
Format: Paperback, 162 pages
Classification: Fiction
ISBN13: 9781508704829
Imprint: CreateSpace
Publisher: On-Demand Publishing LLC
Parent Company:, Inc.

Paperback Description:

n an effort to get revenge on a love gone wrong, Jakayla begins to play a wicked game of flirtation with her ex-boyfriends cousin. Only revenge is not what she gets. Being fairly new to how things operate in the streets, Jakayla is not prepared for the rollercoaster ride she will be taking with Messiah, a veteran to it all. While falling head over heels in love with Messiah, she deals with some of the same things from her previous relationship and finds out some of the secrets that Messiah has. However, Jakayla chooses to stay with him against all odds. In love, Jakayla somehow loses sight of what’s really important; her dignity. Jakayla is so busy trying to gain revenge that she doesn’t realize that someone is out to get them all. Although none of this is new to Messiah, even he has been caught slippin’. Though Jakayla stays committed to Messiah through betrayal, attempted murder, and even death, she may never realize that loving Messiah might cost her; her own life if she’s not careful.