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Platitudes (Northeastern Library of Black Literature)
by Trey Ellis

Publication Date:
List Price: $19.95
Format: Paperback
Classification: Fiction
Page Count: 224
ISBN13: 9781555535865
Imprint: Northeastern
Publisher: Northeastern
Parent Company: Northeastern

Book Description:
Trey Ellis’s uproariously funny debut novel Platitudes, first published in 1988, takes on conflicts within the African American literary community. Dewayne Wellington, a failing black experimental novelist, and Isshee Ayam, a radical feminist author, collaborate on Dewayne’s latest sexist comedy. Alternately telling the story about the coming of age of Earle and Dorothy-two black middle-class teenagers, sex-starved in New York City-the battling writers sneak ever, and dangerously, closer to reconciling their literary disputes.

This edition of Platitudes also includes "The New Black Aesthetic," a groundbreaking essay by Ellis that appeared in the journal Callaloo.

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