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Sweet Release: The Last Step to Black Freedom
by James Davison Jr.

Publication Date:
List Price: $26.99 (store prices may vary)
Format: Hardcover
Classification: Nonfiction
Page Count: 277
ISBN13: 9781591025580
Imprint: Prometheus Books
Publisher: Prometheus Books
Parent Company: Prometheus Books

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Book Description:
In this assessment of the problems and potentials facing African Americans, Dr. James Davison, Jr. argues that in order for achieving individuals to advance to the final step of freedom, they must break free from the mental shackles created by the black community.

The central theme of Sweet Release is that the forces that impinge most upon psychological freedom for black Americans come from within. Guilt for being successful, shame in reaction to the misbehaviors of race peers, demands to give back to the community, and accusations of trying to be white are just a few of the mechanisms that thwart psychological freedom for black persons. Dr. Davison argues that individual lifestyles, aspirations, even identities are constrained by the specter of racial unity. As a result, for black advancers, what remains to be overcome is not "the system" or "them," but internalized community attitudes that put a choke hold on individual freedom.

Unafraid of controversy or candid assessment, Dr. Davison addresses these and other thorny issues with psychological insight while offering strategies to move beyond group constrictions toward personal freedom.

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