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A Woman’s Season
by Jacqueline Johnson

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    Publication Date: May 26, 2015
    List Price: Unavailable
    Format: Paperback, 106 pages
    Classification: Poetry
    ISBN13: 9781599485003
    Imprint: Main Street Rag
    Publisher: Main Street Rag
    Parent Company: Main Street Rag Publishing Company

    Paperback Description:


    African Angel Goddess
    No ethereal illuminations for her.
    She was always earthbound,
    attracted to nightlife, music,
    places where folks were
    dancing so hard,
    bodies rain sweat.
    African angel mother of humanity,
    Lucy definitely isn’t her name.
    See her wearing silver,
    kicking ass, alligator boots.
    Get right in my face shouting,
    "girl, get the hell up!"

    She wears her halo glinting
    across her delta wide forehead.
    The harp and horn thing she left
    in heaven, but she’ll walk you
    through any adversity knowing
    all pathways in and out of hell.

    She can visit wearing many disguises,
    rags so dense
    only the gold of her face is visible.
    She speaks Mandarin,
    Bantu, and Twi, same
    sweet mother tongue to her.

    Will meet you at the river Styx,
    bored with crossing over
    in that riggedy ass boat.
    Might even give you a second chance,
    cause its rebirth
    and life that interests her.
    She’s in the smoke where
    women gather bearing arms,
    refusing to be raped, murdered
    and refugeed from their homes.
    Women of war in Liberia,
    Rwanda, Sierre Leone.
    Women in Abuja,
    Capetown, Harlem, Arusha.
    New women everywhere,
    gather to give birth to
    a future we can inhabit.

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