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7 Healthy Stages in Male and Female Relationships
by Donald Davenport

Publication Date:
List Price: $15.99
Format: Paperback, 208 pages
Classification: Nonfiction
ISBN13: 9781604773620
Imprint: Xulon Press
Publisher: Xulon Press
Parent Company: Salem Media Group
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This book’s essential purpose is to speak to the heart of someone who has been on a long painful journey of relationships that have misfired and has found themselves misguided. It is for those who are tired of society's definition of friendship and what it means have someone special in their life. I would imagine this compilation of steps and stages may appear to some to be mechanical and too confining. The opposite is really true in this case. The contents of this book make the ultimate assumption that real freedom is found within its fences. God gave Adam and Eve freedom to eat of anything in the garden. God was essentially saying yes you have real freedom Adam and you really have more options than you have limitations and restrictions but just don't taste from this one tree. These seven steps allow the reader to see, just like the Garden of Eden that their options are more than they could ever imagine.

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