Book Cover Image of Track Three by John Gibson

Track Three
by John Gibson

Publication Date: Dec 08, 2015
List Price: $15.95
Format: Paperback, 266 pages
Classification: Fiction
ISBN13: 9781610092173
Imprint: Oak Tree Press
Publisher: Oak Tree Press
Parent Company: Oak Tree Press

Paperback Description:

In I Come along for the ride when a popular and top-rated investigative journalist, Elliott Lawder, and Katherine Lambert, a street-wise black British street urchin, are thrown together by the untimely death of an NSA Systems Analyst.

Follow the adventures of our hero and heroine as the story moves at break-neck speed from Washington to London to Brussels to The Netherlands as the two attempts to discover the answer to why every US Security Agency, including the NSA and the CIA, are trying to kill them.

Track Three is a winner in the same thrilling tradition as John Gibson’s first political suspense Super Thriller, DummyTrack Three, coming soon—a tremendous read, even if it does keep you up all day and half the night.

Track Three, another chilling political thriller, infested with unique characters from our hero Elliott Lawder, a crack investigative reporter, to the CIA and bad FBI agents, to creepy politicians, to a very unique black female London street urchin.

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