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Negocios / Business (English and Spanish Edition)
by Junot Diaz

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    Format: Library Binding, 192 pages
    Classification: Fiction
    ISBN13: 9781627656375
    Imprint: Perfection Learning
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    With ten stories that move from the barrios of the Dominican Republic to the struggling urban communities of New Jersey, Junot Diaz makes his remarkable debut. In "Ysrael," two brothers hunt a disfigured boy who hides behind a mask; in "No Face," the mirror is flipped and perspective belongs to the tormented. In "Fiesta, 1980," a spirited family gathering plays against the noiseless hum of a father’s infidelities. In "Boyfriend," a young man eavesdrops on the woman next door and colors in the life overheard with the drama born of intense longing. And always, it seems there is the throb of waiting: in "Aguantando," for the fulfillment of a promise; in "Negocios," for rescue; in "Aurora," for respite; in "Drown," for resolution.

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