Book Cover Image of When We Free The World by Kevin Powell

When We Free The World
by Kevin Powell

Publication Date: Aug 05, 2020
List Price: $20.00
Format: Paperback, 182 pages
Classification: Nonfiction
ISBN13: 9781735199726
Imprint: Bowker
Publisher: Bowker
Parent Company: Cambridge Information Group

Paperback Description:

In When We Free the World, acclaimed writer and activist Kevin Powell presents a stunning and brutally honest survey of America, yesterday and today, and what he hopes for its future, through the window of his own very painful personal trials - as #MeToo, Black Lives Matter, mass shootings, immigration, a global pandemic, and Donald Trump rotate in the background. The result is a deeply spiritual and emotional reminder of why freedom and justice and equality still remain so elusive for many, in this nation, on this planet. Inspired by the poetic dream montage of Langston Hughes, the prophetic letter sermon of James Baldwin, and Bobby Kennedy’s raw and naked eulogy speech for Dr. King, Powell has created a fearless literary and political manifesto that is a town-hall meeting for an America seemingly at war with its own soul. With a passion and sensitivity that few writers of his generation can match, Powell tackles leadership, history, family, community, parenting, education, the legal system, racism, sexism, love, hate, forgiveness, mental health, and violence in all forms. And he challenges us, from beginning to end, on what that word "freedom" means, or ought to mean, for all human beings.

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