Book Cover Image of Sophie Washington Class Retreat by Tonya Duncan Ellis

Sophie Washington Class Retreat
by Tonya Duncan Ellis

    Publication Date: Oct 15, 2020
    List Price: $17.99
    Format: Hardcover, 152 pages
    Classification: Fiction
    Target Age Group: Middle Grade
    ISBN13: 9781735338927
    Imprint: Page Turner Publishing
    Publisher: Page Turner Publishing
    Parent Company: Page Turner Publishing

    Hardcover Description:

    An entertaining story that celebrates friendship, diversity, environmental awareness, and anti-racism. This engaging, illustrated, middle grade chapter book is a great addition to classroom and homeschool libraries and should appeal to fans of Ramona Quimby, Jada Jones, Judy Moody, and Junie B. Jones.

    There is no such thing as Big Foot! Or is there…

    Sophie Washington and her classmates are on their way to Camp Glowing Spring for a class retreat. It’ll be two full days of swimming, eating s’mores around a campfire, tug-of-war, archery, and more! Sophie’s been looking forward to the trip all school year and can’t wait to spend extra time with her friends. It will also be great to get away from her bratty younger brother, Cole, and his constant stories about Big Foot. If Cole warns her about what to do if she sees the hairy ape man on the retreat one more time, she’ll put in ear plugs. Everybody knows Big Foot is a hoax!

    Once the kids arrive at the retreat site things are as exciting as Sophie imagined. She has fun exploring nature with her besties, Chloe, Valentina, Toby, Nathan, and Mariama, and meeting new friends too. Then the kids see a giant footprint during a nature hike in the woods and the adventure really begins!

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