Book Cover Image of Cornrows: My Hair, My Roots by Tamecca S. Rogers

Cornrows: My Hair, My Roots
by Tamecca S. Rogers

    Publication Date: Dec 31, 2020
    List Price: $12.99
    Format: Paperback, 40 pages
    Classification: Nonfiction
    ISBN13: 9781735430164
    Imprint: Inspire Publishing
    Publisher: Inspire Publishing
    Parent Company: Inspire Publishing LLC

    Paperback Description:

    Have you ever wondered where cornrows and locs come from? Why there are different braids? What they mean? And why Black women rock these hairstyles around the world?Hair can represent your identity, roots, culture, and freedom. If you’re comfortable in your skin today, be bold and wear your cornrows with your head held high. Read on to find out how these braids, twisting, and matting are far more than just a hairstyle. In the intertwining hair is history, culture, survival, and beauty that has often been handed down from generation to generation. Cornrows were prevalent in African culture well before the slave trade, but it is this era that brought it to the United States. While cornrows have not always been accepted in America, today they are seen as an expression of Black self-love and self-acceptance and even becoming popular on the big and small screen.

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