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Kid Vega And The Sorcerer of Mali
by Scott Dixon

    Publication Date:
    List Price: $16.99
    Format: Paperback, 404 pages
    Classification: Fiction
    ISBN13: 9781735975306
    Imprint: Vega Dawn
    Publisher: Vega Dawn
    Parent Company: Vega Dawn
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    Book Description:

    An epic story for kids and adults of all ages, this is the first book in a new and unique universe filled with limitless possibilities. Kid Vega and the Sorcerer of Mali is an intricate fantasy/sci-fi tale that is masterfully woven to be entertaining, fun, thought provoking, and action packed, all while culminating to a breathtaking ending that will reshape everything you think you know about superheroes and reality itself.

    But please beware. There are forces in play that will stop at nothing to prevent you or anyone on Earth from reading this story! Just know this: The Words matter bro.

    So hurry and read it today! (While you can)

    Kid Vega and the Sorcerer of Mali

    For twelve-year-old Ayden Arcturus, heir to a billion-dollar rap music empire, life is already magical. He and his family travel the world in private jets and super yachts, revealing secrets of Earth’s untold history.

    When Ayden stumbles upon a powerful diamond pendant in Africa, his charmed life quickly spirals out of control. The pendant reveals dimensions, filled with legendary creatures convinced that Ayden is a powerful sorcerer. When forces of evil discover Ayden has the pendant, they conspire to kidnap his family, steal the pendant, and bring an ancient evil Sorcerer King back to life.

    Now, with the help of newfound friends, Aniyah and Three-J, Ayden must learn of the power behind the pendant, the truth about magic, and team up with powerful fairies, warrior trolls, formidable bodyguards, and his uniquely destined family to defeat the Sorcerer King and prevent a war between realms.

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