Book Cover Image of midnight & indigo Vol II (6): Nineteen Speculative Stories by Black Women Writers by Ianna A. Small

midnight & indigo Vol II (6): Nineteen Speculative Stories by Black Women Writers
Edited by Ianna A. Small

    Publication Date: Jan 31, 2022
    List Price: $13.95
    Format: Paperback, 260 pages
    Classification: Fiction
    ISBN13: 9781737933205
    Imprint: Midnight & Indigo
    Publisher: Midnight & Indigo Publishing
    Parent Company: Midnight & Indigo Publishing

    Paperback Description:

    A Black woman performs a strange ritual in a public space. A house has protected its beloved owner for decades. It knows better than most, that things that die don’t necessarily stay dead. A young man enters a small, mysterious Black town in 1955 Florida. A shape-shifting being experiences decades of American history. The proprietress of a spiritual supply store receives a visitor. Immortal custodians circle Earth on a spaceship, in which a singer prepares for her longest tour yet. A man wakes to find the world caught in an eternal slumber. Is he its only conscious survivor?

    A woman connects with her ancestors during a storm. After the aunt who raised her disappears, a girl builds a person from river mud to cut through her loneliness. A homeowner hosts a repast for her husband. A woman has a strange condition-whenever she’s near a dead body, she coughs up a red flower. Another buys the home of her childhood dreams and realizes it has dreams of its own. A neighborhood family gives birth to girl butterflies.

    …and many more stories.

    midnight & indigo celebrates Black women writers with the second Speculative fiction issue of their literary journal. From haunted houses to spaceships, old worlds to new phenomena, nineteen emerging and established Black storytellers share tales of fear and discovery, redemption, and resistance.

    Contributors include: Ugochi Agoawike, Leah Andelsmith, Tara Baldridge, Erin Brown, Lynn Brown, Ozzie M. Gartrell, Wednesday Herron, Davida Kilgore, Juliana Lamy, Jesica Lovelace, Ellen McBarnette, Mary McLaughlin Slechta, Chantel Melendez, Frances Ogamba, Jasmyne K. Rogers, Wendy Shaia, Sama Sherman, Bria Strothers, and Desir e Winns.