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The Twelve Foot Neon Woman
by Loretta Collins Klobah

Publication Date:
List Price: $17.95 (store prices may vary)
Format: Paperback
Classification: Poetry
Page Count: 102
ISBN13: 9781845231842
Imprint: Peepal Tree Press Ltd.
Publisher: Peepal Tree Press Ltd.
Parent Company: Peepal Tree Press Ltd.

Book Description:
Against a soundtrack of world musicfrom salsa to reggae and jazzand in a vibrant blend of English, Spanish, and Patois, this collection delivers tender and incendiary hymns of homage to the Caribbean, American, and British metropolises. In a poetic form that is lyrical, narrative, sensual, and often experimental, it offers insight into the urgent social issues impacting the everyday world and its extraordinary people. As they seek connections across boundaries of geography, race, ethnicity, language, gender, age, and economic class, these poems express a hope for the future and the possibility for cultural metamorphosis.

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