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Fault Lines
by Kendel Hippolyte

Publication Date:
List Price: $19.95 (store prices may vary)
Format: Paperback
Classification: Poetry
Page Count: 78
ISBN13: 9781845231941
Imprint: Peepal Tree Press Ltd.
Publisher: Peepal Tree Press Ltd.
Parent Company: Peepal Tree Press Ltd.

Book Description:
With verbal urgency and visionary imagination, this collection features the work of one of the Caribbean’s most important poets. Presenting what life is like on a small island, vulnerable to the wounded thrashings of world capitalism in crisisan island where livelihoods are destroyed at the flourish of a Brussel bureaucrat’s pen; where Paradise is a tourist cruise ship that reminds the people of their neocolonial status; and where global consumerism has poisoned the ambitions of the young into drugs, crime, and violencethese candid poems are a warning of the perils fragmenting societies and ecologies.

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