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Static: Rebirth of the Cool v. 1
by Dwayne McDuffie

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    Publication Date:
    Format: Paperback, 192 pages
    Classification: Fiction
    ISBN13: 9781848563230
    Imprint: Titan Books
    Publisher: Titan Publishing Group
    Parent Company: Titan Publishing Group
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    Book Description:
    When Virgil Ovid Hawkins finds himself caught up in the gang battle known as the ’Big Bang’ and exposed to an experimental mutagen, he develops amazing electromagnetic powers and decides to fight crime as the costumed teen hero Static! Having retired from crime-fighting at the tender age of 14, Static is astonished to be called back to arms by some of his fellow ’Bang Babies’, all empowered in the ’Big Bang’ battle. But even with the help of the mighty hero Hardware, can Static defeat Dakota’s greatest superhero - now become its greatest villain? "Static" co-creators Dwayne McDuffie ("JLA"), Robert L. Washington III ("Batman") and acclaimed artist John Paul Leon ("Winter Men") to put the spark back into superheroics!

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