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Love & Life
by Marlon McCaulsky and Jarold Imes

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    Publication Date: Jan 05, 2010
    List Price: Unavailable
    Format: Paperback, 172 pages
    Classification: Fiction
    Target Age Group: Middle Grade
    ISBN13: 9781934195161
    Imprint: Abednego’s Free
    Publisher: Abednego’s Free
    Parent Company: Abednego’s Free

    Paperback Description:

    Popular Street Lit Author Marlon McCaulsky teams up with Editor Jarold Imes to bring two novellas that focus on two of the most things most teens are concerned with … love and life. "Real Love" by Marlon McCaulsky When Raina’s family is uprooted from Cleveland to St. Petersburg, Florida she immediately becomes the new "it girl" at Lakewood High School aka "Hollywood High" that every guy wants. She becomes the envy of the snobbish and popular Lissa while catching the eye of her boyfriend Dan. With friends like Sheena the self confessed shopaholic; Marcus the smart-ass jock and Cory the wannabe playa, Raina firmly establishes her place at Hollywood High. Can Raina compete with Lissa who is willing to use sex, lies and manipulation to get what she wants? Is real love enough to keep the boy she loves? "Sweet Thing" by Jarold Imes Kandi Bigelow just knew she was flyest girl in the Tre-4; she has a bangin’ figure, the hottest man and the best clothes she can get with her five finger discount. Her tomboyish ways allow her to hang tight with the fellas, ward off any challenges from the ladies and makes her thieving ways undetectable and profitable. Josiah Seal is better known as "Thing" because of his crater face, atrocious smell, his higher than average intelligence and the fact that he towers over most of his classmates. His chances of getting a girl of Kandi’s caliber are slim to none … or so it appears. Can Kandi stop boosting and "Thing" clean his act together to find out if they have a chance at true love, or will "Thing" always have a place at the bottom of Kandi’s shoe?

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