Book Cover Image of Payback Ain’t Enough by Wahida Clark

Payback Ain’t Enough
by Wahida Clark

Publication Date: Apr 24, 2012
List Price: $15.99
Format: Paperback, 289 pages
Classification: Fiction
ISBN13: 9781936399116
Imprint: Cash Money Content
Publisher: Simon & Schuster, Inc.
Parent Company: CBS Corporation

Paperback Description:

Picking up where the suspenseful ending of Payback With Ya Life left off, we’re plunged back into the hip hop drama, where the men are hot and dangerous, the women know their shoes from their Choos, and will stop at nothing to get what they want. In a game of power and intrigue where the stakes are high and the rewards are dazzling, the losers are gonna discover – there’s always a price to pay.

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