Book Cover Image of Last Call for a Deadly Diva by Flo Anthony

Last Call for a Deadly Diva
by Flo Anthony

    Publication Date: Sep 28, 2021
    List Price: $15.99
    Format: Paperback, 196 pages
    Classification: Fiction
    ISBN13: 9781954161665
    Imprint: Wahida Clark Presents Publishing
    Publisher: Green and Company LLC
    Parent Company: Green and Company LLC

    Paperback Description:

    Five years ago Valerie Rollins became a widow after her husband, electronics and racehorse owner Victor Dumas, succumbed very quickly to a rare form of stomach cancer. Following his death, Valerie, the most renowned Black gossip columnist in the United States, found herself in an entirely foreign world of extreme wealth beyond her wildest dreams. Victor left everything to Val, his son Vance, and his seven-year old grand-daughter Valencia.

    Val spends her time working as a radio host and columnist, but she’s sitting on a huge fortune. Things don’t look so bad from the outside as Val and her step-son Vance reside on separate compounds in Bridgehampton, New York. However, Val will need all the help she can get when Victor’s half-brother and career criminal, Valerian Davidson, attempts to get his hands on the Dumas fortune. Luckily, Val has her trusted business partner Rome Nyland, along with her old college sweetheart, to help her through this dangerous time. COVID-19 isn’t the only threat to Val’s family as Valerian vies for Val’s and Royale’s millions.

    Valerian will need to watch his own back when a she-devil rears her ugly head just when he thinks he has everything going his way. There’s danger and seduction at every turn as this crew of ultra-wealthy New Yorkers take their business everywhere from Monaco to Las Vegas, where there will finally be a last call for a deadly diva!

    Fans of the Real Housewives series and Empire will be on the edge of their seats with this latest release from famed author Flo Anthony.