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Sabotage: Recognize Commitment Phobia and Experience a Healthy Relationship
by Johanna Sparrow

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    You refuse to give up and let them go. Okay. Now, what’s next? For starters, you must change the way you think when you’re in love with a commitment phobe because, unlike someone who’s looking for longevity in a relationship, the person you love is afraid of commitment. Therefore, they’ll use control and deception as manipulative tools to maintain distance in the relationship. Everything you do indicates you’re fully committed. That’s normally a wonderful thing, but for commitment phobes, that’s a problem. In a strange way, you understand them and love their unpredictable ways. One moment, they’re cold; the next, it’s as if someone turned on the heater of love, and you’ve forgotten that you’re dealing with a commitment phobe. If you really want to make your relationship work, you’ll have to meet them halfway. If you press them too hard for a change in behavior, they’ll keep their distance. Learn to back off and stop worrying. The less you stress, the more they’ll stress over you. That’s the first step to handling your commitment phobic lover. There are many other steps that ll need to be taken, but the first step sets the tone and lets your partner know who’s in charge! Sabotage will teach you how to handle a commitment phobe so you can win at love.