Book Cover Image of 10 Things Your Mama Should Have Told You: Lessons for Cultivating an Extraordinary Life by Evelyn Collins

10 Things Your Mama Should Have Told You: Lessons for Cultivating an Extraordinary Life
by Evelyn Collins

    Publication Date: Sep 09, 2023
    List Price: $15.00
    Format: Paperback, 110 pages
    Classification: Nonfiction
    ISBN13: 9798218238452
    Imprint: Onyx Productions NYC
    Publisher: Onyx Productions NYC
    Parent Company: Onyx Productions NYC

    Paperback Description:

    Imagine the incredible power of changing the direction of your life by delving deep into your history and using what you discover to shape your present. Would the rhythm of your steps change? Would the patterns of your thoughts transform? Could you truly see your life from a fresh perspective, all in the passionate pursuit of creating a life that goes beyond the ordinary, a life of greatness and victory? Would you have the courage to start this journey?

    The potential for change becomes clear when we think about how learning from our past and applying it to our present can reshape our future. Each piece of our history holds hidden wisdom, and within that wisdom lies the power to reshape our course. Can we, by carefully examining each piece of our past, create a new picture that blends with our dreams, forming a life that stands out from the usual?

    10 Things Your Mama Should Have Told You is more than just a book; it acts as a model, a plan that shapes the life we want to create. The connection between its teachings and our efforts urges us to rise to a higher purpose, to internalize its guidance, and to show its wisdom through our choices. To explore this path, we need to understand its message and integrate its wisdom into our very being, transforming ourselves into creators of our own future.

    With the knowledge we gain from our past experiences, we find ourselves at a crossroads, holding the pen that writes our story. The echoes of our history mix with the urgency of the present, urging us to shape our destiny with purpose and boldness. Will you answer this call? Will you walk through the chapters of "10 Things Your Mama Should Have Told You," conducting a life that’s exceptional, a life that’s triumphant?