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Dr. Evelyn Collins, native Detroiter, stands as a distinguished and forward-thinking luminary in the realms of theater, African American History, and arts education, boasting an illustrious career that spans over three and a half decades. Throughout this journey, she has passionately committed herself to shaping and implementing innovative curricula, pioneering programs, and educational institutions with a resolute focus on the arts.

At the helm of the Onyx Production Company, Dr. Collins assumes the role of CEO, stewarding this professional organization in the creation of original works that beautifully reflect the rich tapestry of African American culture and experiences. Furthermore, Dr. Collins serves as the driving force behind the Harlem Ensemble Company, a non-profit theater collective renowned for its presentations of plays, musicals, and cinematic endeavors.

Dr. Collins’ educational journey is a testament to her unwavering commitment to academic excellence. She is the founder of the Denzel Washington School of the Arts. She has served as a principal, assistant principal, teacher, district administrator and adjunct instructor in New York City, Ann Arbor, Detroit, Harlem and Mount Vernon.

Her educational credentials include a Doctorate in Education from Fordham University, specializing in Urban Education and School Leadership, a Master’s degree in Directing for the Theatre from the University of Michigan, a Master of Science in Educational Leadership from the College of New Rochelle, and a Master of Fine Arts (candidate) in Theatre Management/Producing from Columbia University. She also holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Theatre and Education from the University of Michigan, alongside a plethora of certifications in school leadership and administration.

Beyond her formidable academic and leadership roles, Dr. Collins shines as an accomplished author, captivating public speaker, and highly sought-after arts consultant. Notably, she has contributed a historical case study (dissertation – Fordham University) on the Duke Ellington School of the Arts to the scholarly research. Her unwavering dedication to multicultural theater and her profound impact on the Harlem, Ann Arbor, and NYC communities have garnered her a multitude of awards and widespread recognition.

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