Book Cover Image of The Psych of Life Oliver Gardens by Scubie Albie

The Psych of Life Oliver Gardens
by Scubie Albie

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    Publication Date: Feb 22, 2023
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    Format: Paperback, 50 pages
    Classification: Poetry
    ISBN13: 9798374113518
    Imprint: Independently Published
    Publisher: Independently Published
    Parent Company: Independently Published

    Paperback Description:

    This collection of poems is my life stretch in plain sight, I feel it so well Oliver Gardens was put together with much love For the gene, stimulated sense of emotion, poetry is life, Yes we lived the days playful well, nights joyfully expressing culture Religion and self-reliance embedded in the notion we are one.

    Oliver Gardens with a diversity of blooms seated in the far corner of Wilfred Bucks common, this was my childhood playground, 1963 was The year nothing was ever the same after a shower of rain boys playing football over bush, Four houses to the right two to the left Bustamante created a scheme, Friends was scarce back then the beginning was lonely eight families in total, David, Babyboy, Paul, James, Rue and Toney.

    Oliver Gardens was never a Garden no petals or rose beds hanging baskets Or major blooms lining streets and sidewalks, or velvet manicure lawns Willow trees palm or pine, a special Garden it was of united people, as kids We played a lot after school sling shot and gig football and cricket with night caps Old old school games like ring a roses marble red light green light racing bike And hide and seek life change and we grow older. Alexander Ave enter straight to over bush, Smith Ave, Arnold Drive, Atkinson Ave Spread four corners of this square Garden this is May Pen if you don’t know Deep in the middle of Clarendon Jamaica. This garden was commissioned by Alexander the politician, way back in 1963.

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