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The Fire in the Flint
by Walter White

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    The Fire in the Flint is a landmark novel by Walter White. The story of Kenneth Harper, a young idealistic black physician returning home from after years away hoping that the days for oppression for blacks in the South are waning.In his hometown of Central City in South Georgia he finds all too soon that the ugliness of intolerance continues to fester and grow in his hometown and the progress he was hoping for is not coming easy to the South. Even while he tries to establish himself and be “a good Negroe,” he becomes all too aware of the ongoing enslavement of the black community. Helping local sharecroppers organize a cooperative society quickly puts him in the cross-hairs of the local Ku Klux Klan organization. Amid the story’s tragedy and violence, White manages to reflect on the complex nuances of humanity within white and black communities in conflict.

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