Book Cover Image of Skeleton and Secrets: Black Camelot’s #5 by Darius Myers

Skeleton and Secrets: Black Camelot’s #5
by Darius Myers

    Publication Date: Mar 17, 2023
    List Price: $26.95
    Format: Hardcover
    Classification: Fiction
    ISBN13: 9871080000000
    Imprint: Fero Scitus
    Publisher: Fero Scitus
    Parent Company: Fero Scitus

    Hardcover Description:

    Skeleton and Secrets Is book five in the Black Camelot series.

    There is war in Gotham to end the era of Black Camelot. It’s the worst day of violence in Gotham. Kill squads continue their attacks on the city during the funeral of the city’s future Hall of Fame sports star and mayor hopeful, Phaethon Malone. His savage death has turned eyes to Donald Alexander, Kwame Mills, and maybe even the highly-regarded Chief of Detectives Teddy Walker, to run for Mayor against the feckless, Delbert Tenny.

    As a result, the Black Camelots and their friends have been forced out of Gotham, until peace is restored.

    The Black Camelot’s destiny calls for them to rise to this moment and take charge. They also know that the decisions they make cannot be rushed—and once they do, they’ll do so with their own skeletons and secrets. Entering the world of politics will force Alexander to assess a suppressed part of his family’s past. Kwame Mills’s wife also has a secret and has committed an act that jeopardized her freedom.

    Senator Bivens faces even tougher choices. She is asked again to sign off on the most evil deeds by family and friends. They are as ruthless as the foe she is pitted against—and have already used their immense power in ways that she is only beginning to understand.

    There’s also a burgeoning dalliance of sexual desire that can be repressed. It takes over and fuels the already intense racial tensions, with a response that is catastrophic.

    Black Camelot Skeletons & Secrets ends painfully. Choices are made wrench hearts. A vow follows that will cause readers to cross their fingers and root for the good guys.