Book Cover Image of Killens Review of Arts & Letters (Fall / Winter 2019) by Clarence V. Reynolds

Killens Review of Arts & Letters (Fall / Winter 2019)
Edited by Clarence V. Reynolds

    Publication Date: Oct 01, 2019
    List Price: $15.00
    Format: Magazine, 68 pages
    Classification: Fiction
    Imprint: Center for Black Literature
    Publisher: Medgar Evers College
    Parent Company: City University of New York
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    Fall / Winter 2019 “Playwrights and Screenwriters at the Crossroads.”

    The Fall 2019 edition of the Killens Review of Arts & Letters: Life at a Crossroads stems from the theme of the 2019 and the upcoming 15th National Black Writers Conference: “Playwrights and Screenwriters at the Crossroads.” The goal of this edition of the Killens Review was to invite contemporary writers across literary genres, poets who work in various forms, and artists who create in various mediums to share the ways in which they meditate on facing a challenging time in their lives and find ways to resolve these challenges. As we continue to face political, social and economic upheavals in our communities, countries and beyond, the writers and artists in this issue of the Killens Review of Arts and Letters provide us with ways to move forward.

    The adage “The more things change, the more thy remain the same” is fitting when we step back and take a look at the current social and political climate. It’s 2019, and as we commemorate 400 years of the beginning of American slavery and celebrate the milestones that have been achieved there is still much hard work to be done in the constant battle against the inequalities and injustice that peoples of the African diaspora face in order to have our diverse cultural, beliefs, and humanity recognized and respected for the richness they brings to the world.