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A Little Bit Of Tail
by Cherry

    Publication Date:
    List Price: $2.99
    Format: Kindle eBook, 168 pages
    Classification: Fiction
    Imprint: JMC Publishing
    Publisher: JMC Publishing
    Parent Company: JMC Publishing
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    Book Description:

    Mina is exotically beautiful, successful and wealthy. She can get everything except for a man who won’t cheat. After nearly killing her ex for his infidelity, she takes a break from love until a younger man wins her heart. But how does she give all of herself again knowing another heartbreak could be deadly?

    Rich loved the woman that helped mold him from a boy to a man. As faithful as he wants to be, is destiny revealing that his heart belongs to someone else? To make matters worse, the one he once loved is turning out not to be the woman he thought she was.

    Chandra can’t find a man who measures up to the one that captured her heart as a teenager. When her chance to have her soul mate finally presents itself, the only problem is his relationship. Is it stealing when what you want has always belonged to you?

    Jasmine waited a lifetime for a Mr. Wonderful to come her way. But when he finally arrives, he withholds something that leaves her questioning if a perfect man really exist. Will doubt and second thoughts cause her to walk away from what she’s always prayed and longed for?

    Drama unfolds when they all break the golden rule…never lose your head over A Little Bit of Tail.

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