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Funny You’ve Asked: The Only Relationship and Life Issues Book You’ll Ever Need
by Johanna Sparrow

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    Format: Kindle eBook, 46 pages
    Classification: Nonfiction
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    Funny You’ve Asked, dives right into the middle of those relationship areas that keep you up at night, you get Johanna’s view and thoughts on many of the issues that affect relationships and everyday issues. She tells you just like it is when it comes to relationships, love and life issues. For instance, you may have thought about breaking things off in your relationship or have found yourself with a commitment phobe and not sure what to do, don’t fear Funny You’ve Asked got you covered. Learn what to do the next time you are in such a situation.

    Life is not always about love and relationship and many times things happen that we aren’t prepared for like death in the family or drama. Funny You’ve Asked covers a variety of life little issues taken from many articles written by Johanna Sparrow. You are not alone when it comes to relationship and life issues, we all deal with something from day to day be it bad or good. Johanna Sparrow has put together a few of her most highly read articles on relationship and life issues in one place, Funny You’ve Asked, tells it all so you don’t have to go looking for answers anywhere else.

    Now that you’ve got the answer’s what are you going to do next? No matter what’s happening in your life I am sure that Funny You’ve Asked has the answer