Book Cover Image of Surrogate Re-Parenting II by Katherine Shears and C. S. Whitehurst

Surrogate Re-Parenting II
by Katherine Shears and C. S. Whitehurst

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    As food for thought and entertainment, how would your life had been different if you had grown up, learned and gained the knowledge, logic and intellect of Doctors, Lawyers and Ph. D’s. while you were growing up? What different life choices and decisions would you have pursued and made that would have delivered you from a life of average poverty, unfulfillment, and social rejection to greater prosperity, success and social acceptance?

    I ask this because essentially, our society functions at a certain high-leveled knowledge and logic, and when someone hasn’t fortified or developed that intellectual foundation at that level of function and ability, what’s missing causes a measurable gap of ignorance, dysfunction and disposition between them and those that have been developed to that level of function and ability. If you aren’t fortified at that level, those who are well-developed at that high level of function in society are basically able to hear the ignorance in your speech when you talk, write, or outwardly use your reasoning skills to make choices from moment-to-moment daily.

    So stop standing by and watching those who know that knowledge and logic better than you do outdo you on life’s stage. Know that you can do better. Realistically, it’s never too late to take the necessary steps to give yourself a leg up, a boost and a brand new start in life. We all experience countless waves of new opportunities, and with those  new opportunities come waves of new choices, chances, and options.

    Surrogate Re-Parenting I, helped to fortify your basic foundation on a fundamental level and now Surrogate Re-Parenting II A.K.A. Get Your Mind Right II will take you much higher and much deeper on your empowering journey toward greater intellectual growth, development and success.