Book Review: The Lady, Her Lover, and Her Lord

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by T. D. Jakes

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List Price: $16.00
Format: Paperback, 256 pages
Classification: Fiction
ISBN13: 9780425168721
Imprint: Berkley
Publisher: Berkley
Parent Company: Berkley Publishing Group
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Book Reviewed by Linda Dominique Grosvenor

T.D. Jakes has a way of knowing what women want, and need. With the well received "Woman Thou Art Loosed," and the follow up "Daddy Love His Little Girls," now women everywhere are praising "The Lady, Her Lover and Her Lord!" He knows what women think and offer how we can get what we desire, along with scripturally-based reasons why we don't. His books touch on crucial topics such as, A Woman with Balance (chapter 5) that allows women to see the need for balance in all areas of their lives. The husband, the children, work and God need equal attention to be fruitful. If we become too one sided in our focus then something suffers.

In chapter 9 T.D. Jakes discusses Pillow Talk, where he enlightens us regarding the power of words and how we need to be an encouarging feminine voice that doesn't tear down, but instead learn how to compliment, encourage and build up. T.D. Jakes is saying that while we will all have disagreements, women should never become a nagging presence, but instead a soothing one, reminding the man in her life that she will now and forever support him. He urges us to allow our words to be words of caring and nurture.

Chapter 14 eloquently touched on the topic of Serving the Lord and Making the Money. He reminds us as the bible warns that we cannot serve two masters. Money and career is only an enhancement of our lives and should never become the scope of who we are. God should be the focus of all of our endeavors. I highly recommend this enlightening book for every woman who seeks a deeper understanding of themselves, their spouse and their God. T.D. Jakes is inspirational and gently touches on topics that meet the needs of women everywhere. The Lady Her Lover and Her Lord not only gives us Godly instruction, but also the inside track from T.D. Jakes perspective as a man.

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