Book Excerpt – Shedding Light From My Journeys

Shedding Light From My Journeys
by DuEwa M. Frazier

    Publication Date: Sep 23, 2012
    List Price: $12.00
    Format: Paperback, 62 pages
    Classification: Poetry
    ISBN13: 9780971905269
    Imprint: Lit Noire Publishing
    Publisher: Lit Noire Publishing
    Parent Company: Lit Noire Publishing

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    R Ju Iz Spanish

    Mami, mami, ju
    look so good, are ju
    married ? I think in
    a past life I was Spanish
    cause the papis in the
    hood, they talk to me
    like I’m their sister, they
    call me mami like
    I am their
    hermana cause I
    look like one of them
    now I know we all come
    from the same African mold
    different hair, different colors-
    negro, blanco, y tan y amarillo
    Af-ri-ca is where I’m from
    bidi bidi bidi bamba
    bidi bidi bidi bamba
    batita bati batita bati
    when I dance to latin/salsa/calypso
    music I can’t stop twisting and
    stepping and moving my hips
    and eyes like a coy Puerto Rican
    princess and the Latin Don Juan
    who’s asked me to dance wants
    to know my name and says,
    ’ay mami, jhwere ju from? you
    dance like jure from home’ from
    my home - mi casa es Dominica
    Puerto Rico, Colombia, Cuba, Nu Yawk,
    Nu Yawk Nu Yawk Nu Yawk baby
    home, salsa, merengue, bamba
    home, home, home, home
    Afro-Cuban-Carib drum beats
    home, home, home, home
    and I can’t stop moving my hips
    and eyes like a coy Puerto Rican
    princess with fire at my feet because
    I am sister to my Puerto Rican
    brothers and sisters
    la negra y africana mujer de la

    Go Now This Is Your Time

    I awoke from years of
    unconsciousness and
    unfolding like a butterfly
    from a cocoon
    I cried many days and
    days I cried
    days I prayed
    days I waited
    for instruction
    for the still voice
    within my soul
    saying Go now this
    is your time
    I looked back, though not
    for long, on the many
    teachers I have met
    and the lessons they have
    taught me
    on my path
    They were teachers of a
    teaching profession
    they were brothers, soul friends
    angels and healers
    and there were some scholars
    and some were writers and
    other artists I admired
    from afar
    all saying go ahead and do
    that thing you do, walk with
    your head up and never be
    ashamed of who you are
    And even to get ahead
    I had to be a child again
    tasting child tears and
    fighting child fears as
    there was divine guidance
    before me watching me
    stumble then stand
    And as my ego fell away
    I humbled myself, all the
    while giving praise and thanks
    for my destiny and the
    many blessings felt
    along the way
    I saw tangible things fall
    away from me making
    way for the more profound
    and the Word wrapping
    new power around me,
    renewing my woman self
    from past pain
    I am a warrior-woman-child
    dancing my path before God
    sharing my presence and
    inner visions felt with those
    who cross my path
    My pen as my warrior
    healing sword, telling me
    Go now this is your time
    And to that, I say Amen
    and Ashe

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