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by Cherry
JMC Publishing (Feb 20, 2016)
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Mina is exotically beautiful, successful and wealthy. She can get everything except for a man who won’t cheat. After nearly killing her ex for his infidelity, she takes a break from love until a younger man wins her heart. But how does she give all of herself again knowing another heartbreak could be deadly?

Rich loved the woman that helped mold him from a boy to a man. As faithful as he wants to be, is destiny revealing that his heart belongs to someone else? To make matters worse, the one he once loved is turning out not to be the woman he thought she was.

Chandra can’t find a man who measures up to the one that captured her heart as a teenager. When her chance to have her soul mate finally presents itself, the only problem is his relationship. Is it stealing when what you want has always belonged to you?

Jasmine waited a lifetime for a Mr. Wonderful to come her way. But when he finally arrives, he withholds something that leaves her questioning if a perfect man really exist. Will doubt and second thoughts cause her to walk away from what she’s always prayed and longed for?

Drama unfolds when they all break the golden rule…never lose your head over A Little Bit of Tail.

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by Cherry
JMC Publishing (Dec 30, 2015)
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Mina has taken a physical beaten in the name of love. And to make matters worse the man she once gave her all to walked out the door behind the other woman. A bounce back from an almost detrimental depression was almost successful until she comes face to face with the happily ever after that almost ruined her life. With no more cheeks left to turn, how far is too far?

Sometimes the hardest part about stepping into your future is letting go of your past. Rich knows where his heart is and who it belongs to. But there could be a hefty price to pay when you open a new door of love without properly closing the old one. How can you keep the ones you love safe from something that you never saw coming?

Chandra never thought her emotions could ever get the best of her. That is until an altercation caused her to issue a brutal beating to the girlfriend of the only man she’s ever loved. How do you pump the brakes on something that’s racing out of control? What do you do when there’s no way to right a wrong or turn back the hands of time?

Seven is normally a lucky number but in Jazzi’s case it’s a mystery wrapped up in the man she’s waited her entire life for. When the answers to the questions that she only thought she wanted to know are revealed she’s faced with the hardest decision to make in her life. Will she be able to see past his scars and do what she’s never done in a relationship before?

Take a journey on a windy love lane where hearts will be broken, pain will be endured and happily ever afters will be found.