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by Keisha-Gaye Anderson
Jamii Publishing (Nov 07, 2014)
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A lyrical outpouring of kinship, heritage, and a woman’s transformation within the world that envelops her. Gathering the Waters is a rich compendium of heartfelt poetic verse.

“I’m very excited to share with you information about my debut poetry collection, Gathering the Waters. Here’s what people have to say about the collection:”

“Keisha-Gaye Anderson is comfortable in the language and truth of her poems. Hers is a necessary voice for our times. These poems sing, dance, rumble and cry out like sweet thunder from the coral colored shore of her poetic terrain. I am in awe of these spirit vocals, these healing water sounds.”
Cheryl Boyce-Taylor, poet and author of Convincing The Body

“Gathering the Waters is a potent book of poetry that can intoxicate your senses. Keisha wields her pen like a Samurai swordsman. Her poetry deals with the personal us, the intimate us, and the history of us. Keisha’s poetry takes you on a wonderfully exciting journey through the culture and beauty of being Black, with the promise of tomorrow.”
Abiodun Oyewole, The Last Poets