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Click for more detail about Always Want More by Banke Awopetu-McCullough Always Want More

by Banke Awopetu-McCullough
Mill City Press, Inc. (Oct 29, 2014)
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Tracy Mitchell’s rise in the hip-hop journalism world was swift and fierce. Having secured a position at her dream publication, Real, she hopes to write stories that make an impact. While the assignments are not what she envisioned, Tracy is lured in to the luxurious lifestyle of the hip-hop powerhouse subjects she meets. After a crazy, drug fueled night with one particularly famous artist, Tracy is blacklisted from the hip-hop community and banished to her home town of Rochester, New York. Tracy has a choice—she can resent what has happened or start fresh. Tracy chooses to try and make a difference; something she failed to do in the big city.

Teaching English at the failing public school system, Tracy is finally on the right track. Just as things are falling into place, Tracy meets Oxford Quinn, otherwise known as “X.” Tracy falls into the same whirlwind lifestyle of her past, in the meantime unearthing the darker side of her hometown. Can Tracy pull herself out of her pattern of excess to finally live a life of peace and meaning? Or will she always want more?

Click for more detail about Before Truth Set Me Free: Behind The Music To Behind Bars - A Memoir by Vanessa “Fluffy” Murray-Yisrael Before Truth Set Me Free: Behind The Music To Behind Bars - A Memoir

by Vanessa “Fluffy” Murray-Yisrael
Mill City Press, Inc. (Dec 15, 2010)
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FROM A TOP LEVEL EXECUTIVE IN THE MUSIC GAME TO A MAXIMUM SECURITY PRISON… WHERE DID IT ALL GO WRONG FOR SWEET VANESSA? FIND OUT IN THIS ENTHRALLING, UNPUTDOWNABLE, BEAUTIFULLY WRITTEN, CAUTIONARY MEMOIR. When Vanessa copped a gig at a now-defunct record label-a label whose roster included platinum-selling artists-she was certain that money, power, and fame were right around the corner. However, she couldn’t have foreseen the maximum security prison that was waiting around that corner to snatch her up and strip her of the tiny piece of dignity she’d been struggling to keep. In time, she would discover that her dignity and the high seat she sat on in the music game weren’t the only things in life she’d been stripped of. Before Truth Set Me Free chronicles Vanessa’s life BEFORE Truth stepped in, setting her free from some of the greatest lies ever told.