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Click for more detail about Demon Hunter, Book 1 by Tl Gardner Demon Hunter, Book 1

by Tl Gardner
Q-Boro Books (Nov 18, 2005)
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Demon Hunter is a hard hitting, fast paced, romantic thrill ride. The story follows a young African American man, named Elijah Garland, who has come to the decision that his life was never meant to be. Convinced that love and happiness will never find him, he gives up, but finds out that his life has only just begun, and that there was a reason for all of the tragic events in his life. Elijah learns that there is a deity directly responsible for all of his misery, and as the overwhelming truth is slowly fed to him, Elijah realizes just how small a player he is in this game — a game being played by Angels. Elijah has been chosen to represent a god that he has never placed faith in to do a job that the Angels are too busy to do at the moment: destroy demons.

Click for more detail about Money Power Respect by Erick S. Gray Money Power Respect

by Erick S. Gray
Q-Boro Books (Aug 15, 2005)
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My name is Ricky Johnson, and this is my story…. Where I’m from, South Jamaica Queens, making the wrong choices in life can actually make you feel like you made all the right moves, especially when you’re driving around in high-end cars, spending money like it’s water, and sporting the latest trends and fashions. Since I was thirteen I’ve been hustling and running the streets. My theory in life is, “the more money you hold, the more respect you get.” But unfortunately my lavish lifestyle came to an end, and I ended up doing a bid upstate. As a man, I should’ve learned from my mistakes and done right with my life. But the thing is, I got the devil, disguised as my best friend Kinko, addressing me in one ear, and then I got my family and my girl preaching to me in the next ear. Coming home from jail and trying to do right — it ain’t easy, because you’re used to the money, the power, and the respect.