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Click for more detail about Husbands, Incorporated, Book One in the Husbands, Inc. Trilogy (Book One) by Elizabeth Atkins Husbands, Incorporated, Book One in the Husbands, Inc. Trilogy (Book One)

by Elizabeth Atkins
Sea Kingdom International (Feb 03, 2014)
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Husbands, Incorporated - Book One in the Husbands, Inc. Trilogy Beautiful men. Mind-blowing pleasure. And perfect marriages that last only one year. Husbands, Inc. offers all this and more - for a price. CEO Venus Roman has just unveiled this erotic empire that will revolutionize marriage. She’s hosting 200 women who are selecting Husbands and opening franchises around the world. But her powerful ex-husband wants to destroy her decadent dynasty. He and a malicious mob say she’s peddling male prostitution by contracting husbands-for-hire. As Venus fights for her life mission, she and her clients offer provocative peeks at life inside this sexy sanctuary. And though she’s vowed to never believe the lie of true love or the myth of monogamy, her heart and soul are under siege by golden-haired hunk Rex Lancaster - wise beyond his years and determined to marry her for life. Venus’ best friend, Raye Johnson, is co-founder of Husbands, Inc. Her strictly controlled marriages let her win the game of love. But former football star Buck Briggs may change her game, and the dark chocolate Adonis may inspire her to believe in real love once again. Jane Martin is going bankrupt by financing her Native American Dream with gorgeous Mike Rivers. Looking like Indian warriors in her favorite romance novels, he’s her fantasy come true. But can insecure Jane take the heat? Mike’s ex-fiance - TV reporter Laila Sims - vows to annihilate Husbands, Inc. - because Mike ditched their engagement to become a Husband-for-hire. Laila’s vengeance knows no bounds, even under the seductive spell of her Latin Lover. Rock ’n roll heiress Claire Montague has a secret that could cost her a huge inheritance. She’s hoping that her marriage to Country Boy Billy Jack Burns will convince her parents to pay up. Then the feisty artist can be with Nikk-Nikk, her one true love. Will Venus Roman survive the violent crusade that’s threatening to kill her and crush her carnal kingdom? Will the couples of Husbands, Inc. enjoy 365 days of wedded bliss? And will the global guests succeed at revolutionizing marriage worldwide?"