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Click for more detail about Praedamus Let Us Prey Selling Heaven: It's All An Illusion by Don Spears Praedamus Let Us Prey Selling Heaven: It’s All An Illusion

by Don Spears
Spears Publishing (Dec 19, 2014)
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Don Spears, in his book, Let Us Prey, sheds light on a discussion regarding religion. Many of us often have absolute and even blind faith in our church. But is such dedication and unconditional loyalty well founded or even smart? Do people really think it's best to live their fragile lives based on something told to them by priests or preachers who may not truly care about them at all? Let Us Prey takes a brief look at religion and its attendant ominous consequences. It is an attempt to help you understand and appreciate how and why your secular and spiritual worlds work or do not work. Don Spears seeks to help you question the set-in-stone beliefs that have kept you and unenlightened others in the dark and in bondage for over 2000 years. Be inspired to learn to think for yourself.