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by Monica Anderson
TyMAC Books (Oct 20, 2020)
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Unless it’s under reconstruction…never close your heart.

Essence best-selling author Monica F. Anderson delivers a delightful, stand-alone sequel to her acclaimed novel "When a Sistah’s Fed Up" in this humorous and heartfelt story about love, family, and the power of forgiveness…

Ambitious and beautiful, Faith Henry is a savvy woman. By all measures-her career, friendships, and financial accounts-she is certifiably successful. Right? Not so fast. She’s hopelessly entangled in the ties that bind: Her millennial daughter, Sloane, has returned to the nest with an electronic ankle monitor, gender-fluid child, meek husband, and very bad attitude. Her son, Trey, is in a relationship with an older woman who has questionable motives. Friends are tsk tsking Faith’s choice to replace her decades-long significant other with a series of online mismatches-and that longtime manfriend is wasting no time moving on.

Things are so bad, even her ex-husband is a friend. And she’s tempted to grant him benefits.

How did this happen? Ten years ago, vowing to control her own destiny, she left her marriage and career in politics. She strategically crafted and executed a fail-proof plan to build a new life. Her life. On her terms. Those goals are almost within her grasp. As the talent behind the popular Never Close Your Heart podcast, Faith’s insightful advice is increasingly going viral. She’s attracting the potentially lucrative attention of a media conglomerate-complicated by the not-so-welcome overtures of a menacing superfan.

As her followers can attest, Faith’s superlative advice about relationships is unequaled. Amid the swirl of drama, controversy, and danger that threatens her and her family, will she heed her own words?

Praise for Monica F. Anderson’s Books:

…an engaging debut novel with the perfect balance of well-developed characters, honest dialogue, and Dr. Moes’ trademark brand of humor!
"Victoria Christopher Murray, National Bestselling Author

The storyline was excellent and the plot was so wonderful that it left me wanting more…"
Pamela Bolden, Literary Critic"

…an intriguing tale, with well-developed characters and plenty of suspense."
Cheryl Smith, Editor-at-Large Dallas Weekly

SINPHONY (Fiction)
"Anderson does a wonderful job at developing characters especially detailing people we would hate…people we would love…even a few that would leave us wondering. Anderson continues to work her magic with words. Glad she has come back to romance."
Deltareviewer, Literary Critic

"A mix of you-go-girl optimism and no-nonsense straight talk…A counterpoint to the idea that success means excelling at everything…A practical guide for women on how to find happiness and boost self-worth."
Kirkus Reviews

"A master class in corporate ascension from a trusted mentor delivered with humor and candor. These are insights your manager won’t tell you and your mother may not know."
A. Boyd, Writer and Editor

"I Stand Accused is cleverly written, crisp and witty. It transcends time while simultaneously introducing readers to a refreshing literary voice."
Bestselling Author Victor McGlothin"

The story is told in alternating sequences between present and past in such vivid language that long after the murder is solved and you have closed the book, the scenes will haunt you."
Bestselling Author Evelyn Palfrey

Click for more detail about Sinphony by Monica Anderson Sinphony

by Monica Anderson
TyMAC Books (Oct 08, 2020)
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When a good woman dates three men to AVOID falling in love again, it’s not a sin it’s a…Sinphony.Third grade teacher Nona Huff has two dreams: a promotion to Vice Principal and making her parents proud. There are only three things standing in her way: —Franklin, mature and successful with the sex drive of a shoelace. He’s a big horn in public so she plays him for her friends and family.—Terry, the much younger artist, who makes her feel his age. He strums her like a Spanish guitar in private.—Vince, her new colleague, who would be the perfect man if he wasn’t after her dream job. She chose the "independent" label because she’s already made an A+ in Heartbreak 101. It was a hard, painful lesson learned. Now that she’s directing the sheet music, can anyone touch her heartstrings

Click for more detail about Success Is A Side Effect: Leadership, Relationships, And Selective Amnesia by Monica Anderson Success Is A Side Effect: Leadership, Relationships, And Selective Amnesia

by Monica Anderson
TyMAC Books (Jun 08, 2014)
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Success Is a Side Effect is a powerful, practical guide to achieving more fulfilling relationships at work, at home, and in your community. Bestselling author and motivational speaker Dr. Monica Anderson’s unique approach to personal growth is illustrated with real-world situations, surprising statistics, and laugh out loud anecdotes. Discover the positive side effects of authentically pursuing your passions with practical lessons in leadership like:

  • Schedule Your Nervous Breakdowns
  • The Trouble With Cheerleading
  • How to Avoid Emotional Miscarriages
  • The Cougar Myth * Eat Lunch With Strangers
  • Multiple Streams of Happiness

Praise for Success Is A Side Effect:

"A master class in corporate ascension from a trusted mentor delivered with humor and candor. These are insights your manager won’t tell you and your mother may not know."
A. Boyd Writer | Editor | Critic

"…an instructional compendium of knowledge. Dr. Anderson weaves advice, compassion, allegory, and scenarios in each and every lesson. Readers will be able to utilize this "roadmap to self-improvement" like a GPS reference guide to actually plan the improvements…What a priceless gift!"
Marilyn D. Johnson Global Ambassador/Speaker | Retired IBM Corporate Executive | Wilhemina Model

I needed a dose of energy and a reminder that I should do more things that scare me. Dr. Moe’s book speaks to the inner do-gooder in me. It also makes me want to hug myself a little more. Terri B. Williams Vice President-Government Relations | American Heart Association-SW Affiliate

Click for more detail about I Stand Accused by Monica Anderson I Stand Accused

by Monica Anderson
TyMAC Books (May 17, 2007)
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Deep in the heart of Jefferson, Texas lies the secret to the mysterious nightmares tormenting James Adams, a handsome, successful eye doctor. As the eldest of nine children, he has been the head of the family since the brutal murder of his womanizing father during his senior year of high school. He thought he put that day and his difficult childhood behind him when he left his hometown. Now, his siblings are grown and everyone is dysfunctional except James—he thinks—until chance reunites him with his sexy, high school sweetheart, Tracy. Along with Tracy, comes a host of problems. A scorned woman starts rumors about his sexuality because she doesn’t believe he’s really celibate. His mother begins dating a man he doesn’t approve of and one of his brothers is arrested on serious charges. While James struggles to balance the demands of his family, work, and Tracy, the past comes knocking—threatening his future. Encouraged by his best friend, certified playa and cosmetics consultant, Ren Kinney, James steps into a risky mental maze of love and lies to discover what really happened the day his daddy died.

Click for more detail about When A Sistah’s Fed Up by Monica Anderson When A Sistah’s Fed Up

by Monica Anderson
TyMAC Books (Sep 30, 2006)
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Mayor Faith Henry is beautiful, successful, married to her college sweetheart, and she has "almost perfect" children. So why is she unhappy and who is trying to kill her? When her darkest secret is revealed during her re-election campaign, she drops in the polls and falls into the arms of her handsome assistant. It’s the test of a lifetime with no easy answers. Have you ever been fed up?